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Best Safety Practices for Your Online Dating Profile

It is vital to protect yourself from scammers by following the best safety practices for your online dating profile. You should not put personal information on your profile unless you can assure your readers that it is safe to do so. It is advisable to avoid revealing too much about your job and physical location, and you should never use your LinkedIn headshot as your profile picture. The same applies to your email address and phone number.

Avoid using LinkedIn headshots

There are several reasons why you should avoid using LinkedIn headshots on your online dating profile. First of all, you don’t want to give off a stiff, corporate vibe. The most effective headshots are professional, not stiff-looking. In addition, you want the photo to be no larger than 8MB, so make sure that you get a good photo. Don’t use a blurry photo either, because that’s not appealing to people looking for a date.

Dating Profile

Another reason to avoid using LinkedIn headshots on your online dating profile is because they give off a sense of professionalism. Women tend to swipe right on photos that create an impression of doubt. A good way to avoid that is to choose a casual photo, with direct eye contact. You should also avoid using photos of yourself with others, as this will send the message that you’re not committed. You should also use a cropped version of your headshot for your main profile photo.

Remember that the location where you take your LinkedIn picture can have a huge impact on your appearance. If you’re taking a group photo, you shouldn’t crop it, because recruiters won’t know who’s in the picture. Additionally, random objects in the background will distract potential recruiters. Finally, it’s important that your LinkedIn photo shows your personality, so don’t choose a sloppy background.

A good quality photo conveys a lot about a person in a snap

It’s a lot easier to get an impression from a good photo than a poor one. Besides, good headshots can help you with your career prospects and social life. A great headshot can make a big difference to both your online dating life and your career prospects. In addition to LinkedIn, headshots can also be a great way to showcase yourself to potential employers.

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Lastly, your profile photos can be used by scammers. They browse through public profiles and use photos to create profiles. Scammers may use these photos to extort money, blackmail, money wiring, or even love-bombing. Although removing content is not 100% effective, hiding your social media profiles can prevent stalkers from using these photos against you. Reverse image searches are another way to check where your photo appears online. In most cases, LinkedIn headshots are photoshopped and are not the best choice for your profile.

Lastly, don’t post your profile picture with your ex! Even if you’re using a LinkedIn headshot on your dating profile, you should not post it on your online dating profile! This will make it harder for scammers to tie your online dating profile to your social account. As a result, you’ll be able to avoid catfishers when using LinkedIn for online dating.

Dating Profile

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