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Ladies – Here’s How to Score a Date With Your Ideal Partner

Ladies – According to a recent UCLA study, men with bigger muscles are more attractive to women. While big biceps might be attractive for short flings, women don’t care about them in a long-term relationship. Women will also check out your Facebook profile, so make sure to delete any unflattering photos and reveries of SI swimsuit models. The more attractive you are on social media, the more chances you have of landing a date with your ideal partner.


Women go on seven dates

Why do women go on seven dates with their ideal partner? The answer is simple: women don’t get sucked into the game of trying to charm men with good looks or catchy lines. Men who try to impress women by pretending to be someone they’re not won’t last long. The underlying message of pretending to be someone you’re not suggests that you’re afraid of the way they are, and humans have a survival instinct.

Two blind dates

If you’ve been looking for your ideal partner but have yet to meet him or her, there’s no need to despair, because it can be done. Blind dates are a way to test your vibe with the person you’ve never met. Using the law of attraction, you can learn about their energy and personality traits. According to Lisa Concepcion, founder of LoveQuest Marketing, you can even learn how to meet a man or a woman on two blind dates!

Make the most of your first date by being yourself. Rather than panicking during awkward silences, try to reflect on what’s worked and what hasn’t. Also, be prepared with a backup list of open-ended questions. And remember to say no to advances if they occur. While it can be tempting, try not to be rude and polite. If you are mistakenly made an unwanted move, don’t panic and just apologize for being off-guard.


Try not to come across as too eager or too inquisitive. Both of these situations can turn out unflattering. Avoid being overly eager or underwhelming, and try to impress by listening to them. Remember that people are more likely to like someone who genuinely listens to them, rather than one who talks about their own achievements. Keep in mind that your main concern should be to get to know them, and not the other way around.

Do not drink alcohol before the date. Limit alcohol consumption to two or three drinks. Keep your cell phone out of sight. You can go for at least two hours without checking it, but if your date does call you, explain why. Avoid rude people and a potential date will follow. It doesn’t matter how cute a guy or woman seems, remember to follow the rules of dating.

Two dates with someone they met over the internet

You and a friend agreed to go out on two dates with someone you met over the internet. The two of you spent an enjoyable evening talking and laughing together. The two of you made plans to meet up again, but a cat died and the man had to cancel. You both made plans to go out on a third date. And you still haven’t seen each other since. So, what should you do?

Two dates with someone they already have a boyfriend

You might be hesitant to ask someone out on a date if you already have a boyfriend, but open-ended questions can be a great way to explore each other’s lives and personalities. These questions allow the other person to be themselves without feeling like you’re doing a pop quiz. In addition, they will love the opportunity to talk about themselves, and you will not come off as a snob.

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