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6 Ways to Avoid Falling Victim to an Online Dating Scammer

There are several ways to avoid falling victim to an Online Dating Scammer. Here are four of the most common ways to get ripped off: Catfishing, Love bombing, and Transportation and Communication fees. Keeping these scammers from getting to know you is vital to your own safety. Read on to find out more. Listed below are some ways to avoid falling victim to these scams. Take a moment to think about each one of these ways and how to spot a scammer.


Online dating is full of potential pitfalls, and catfishing by online dating scammers can ruin a relationship. This form of online deception is incredibly common, with thousands of victims falling victim to it every year. The scammers can range from professional fraudsters to individuals looking for escapism. The recovery process from a catfishing incident involves the breakup of the romance, as well as learning how to spot these scammers in the future.

Some common ways to identify a catfish are to watch for the signs. The person posting the message is unlikely to appear in a video chat or voice call, which are two ways that a catfish is able to hide the fraud. Those who reply to the message are most likely to be love bombed. In addition to fake profiles, catfishers may even have a fake accent. Aside from not showing up on video chat, scammers may try to get away with it by posing as someone else’s profile photo or even their own photo.

Online Dating Scammer

Online Dating Scammer

If a person doesn’t have any friends or followers on any of the major social media networks, there’s a high chance that they’re a catfish. This is because they don’t like meeting people in person, and they won’t accept regular phone calls without a video. The same applies to regular phone calls, which may be a sign of a catfish. Catfishers will avoid calling you, unless you’ve set up a video call.

Love bombing

Using dating apps for meeting people can often lead to a romance scam. Some of these scams may involve urgent requests for cash or other tangible items. Others may claim that someone in their family is in trouble and need you to help them. If you’re in doubt, take the time to read some tips about love bombing. Then, cut off all communication with the person and seek therapy. Don’t forget to report the incident to the FTC and the police. You should also notify the dating app or website that you were using for finding the romance.

In order to avoid being a victim of love bombing online dating scams, you should always report the profile of the person who is sending you messages. You may also want to report the account of the possible scammer to the site so you won’t be targeted by others. The site will remove the profile if you report it, but you need to stop communicating with him right away if you feel pressured into sending money.


One woman lost over $5,000 after falling victim to an online dating scam. She received fake matches on social media platforms and was pressured to send money. The impersonators will claim to be traveling to meet their targets, need money for medical fees, or even a pending marriage plan. Ultimately, they will steal your money. If you have been scammed in this way, follow these tips to avoid becoming the next victim. Transportation for online dating scammers is a tricky business.

Online Dating Scammer
Online Dating Scammer

Communication fees

Scammers will typically require communication fees in exchange for contacting you. However, you can often avoid paying these fees by checking the website before communicating. Communication fees are generally paid through an online dating service like Tinder. If the site asks you for payment upfront, such as to sign up for a trial membership, there is a good chance that the site is a fake. Moreover, scammers may even ask for payment upfront through fake Facebook or Instagram profiles. These sites may cause identity theft and financial fraud.

Some online dating scammers will use social networking apps to contact their victims. Others may use SMS or apps like WhatsApp to communicate with their victims. Scammers often move quickly in the emotional connection between a person and a website. Some will profess love in a short period of time, or even within a few days. If you’re not sure whether you’ve found the right person for you, it’s a good idea to set up an alternate email address to protect yourself from these scammers.


These online dating scammers have a few distinct features that make them difficult to spot. First, they don’t post complete profile information. Most have just one or two pictures and don’t connect their accounts to other social media platforms. Then, once the victim begins to exchange messages, their messages may quickly escalate from an initial introduction to a desperate relationship. Finally, they’ll ask the victim to move their conversations to a different social media platform.

Scam artists can use fake email addresses and route accounts through multiple locations. These websites often use pay-per-hour internet cyber cafes that lack accountability. If you’re uncertain about your relationship with an online dating scammer, stop all contact and file a complaint with the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center. Luckily, the FBI has a database of information about marriage scams and other online dating scams.

Processing fees

Online dating businesses must be PCI compliant in order to avoid chargebacks. They also must have a high-risk bank and credit card processing company to work with. A high-risk provider will provide you with best practices for recurring billing and set up a safe virtual credit card terminal. The most important thing is that they offer secure payment methods for adult dating businesses. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your provider.

Online Dating Scammer
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