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Tell-Tale Signs Of Relationship Addiction

Tell-Tale Signs Of Relationship Addiction includes frequent breakups and excessive control over the other partner. The person suffering from relationship addiction feels a deep sense of fear and anxiety when they think about ending the relationship. Often, they stay in unhealthy relationships for a long time because they fear upsetting the other person. Their outbursts of anger are followed by strong feelings of guilt and apologies.

You neglect your values

The relationship addict measures his or her worth by the value of his or her partner. Initially, the addict is excited and moves quickly from attraction to an attachment, but then struggles to maintain a commitment. The person starts to feel worthless and begins to feel guilty for past mistakes. These feelings can lead to an unhealthy lack of self-esteem and a need for a new relationship. The relationship addict is never satisfied with himself or herself and seeks to find solace in his or her new relationship.

Even though their partner is causing the addict to be depressed, they cannot take time for themselves. They cannot handle their emotions and feelings without their partner. Their partner will often be upset and angry when they are arguing with them. The relationship addict may also experience mood swings that are inconsistent with each other. They are unable to regulate their moods, and they will often feel sick when trying to leave the relationship.

You cannot function without a partner

In fact, it may be impossible for them to function normally without a romantic relationship. They will struggle to maintain a healthy relationship and may even fall into a revolving door. Love addicts will often need psychotherapy to overcome their problems, as they cannot break the cycle on their own. If they are unable to break the cycle, they will likely resort to unhealthy behaviors until they find professional help.

You don’t set boundaries

An addicted person will not set boundaries. This is a sign of relationship addiction. People with this condition will be unwilling to put themselves before their partner. They will be afraid that their partner will leave them if they don’t meet their needs. In addition, they will have trouble putting boundaries between themselves and their partner. Moreover, they may be unable to set their boundaries with others.

Relationship Addiction

Love addicts are secretive. They will not tell their partner everything about themselves, which can be detrimental to their relationship. In addition, they will keep secrets from their partners. This will not only create conflict in the relationship but will also create a false sense of autonomy. If this is the case, then your partner is suffering from relationship addiction. These are the Tell-Tale Signs Of The Addiction.

Your level of happiness depends on your partner

You don’t put yourself first and  feel satisfied only when their partner is happy. These people often end up with little in common with their partners. However, they are usually very devoted. These signs are a warning sign that you should end the relationship. If the person has no time for themselves, it is highly likely that your partner is suffering from relationship addiction.

Those who suffer from relationship addiction are unable to exercise self-control and move from one relationship to another with little or no notice. It can be hard for them to let go of their partners, and they may even become detached from their partner. If these signs sound familiar to you, it is likely that the person is suffering from relationship addiction.

They may also have problems coping with loneliness and will seek out new relationships if they feel alone. When this happens, the person will not want to be alone anymore and may have a codependent personality.

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