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7 Signs Your Relationship is Written in the Stars

Relationship – Are you looking for signs that your relationship is “written in the stars”? If you’re wondering, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll look at four key factors that will tell you if your relationship is “written in the stars.”


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A healthy relationship involves compromise. It is mutual, and involves both partners sacrificing some of their own desires. Rather than demanding a particular outcome, couples make decisions together, rather than letting their differences dictate how their relationship unfolds. And in the process, they strengthen their bond and make their relationship even more satisfying. If compromise is natural to you, your relationship is probably written in the stars Relationship.

When couples disagree, they tend to try to prove that they are right. This is often not conducive to a harmonious relationship and may lead to distance. Rather, try thinking of your relationship like a team: Each player needs to contribute to the winning outcome. A successful relationship requires compromise, and your partners will be grateful for your effort. If your partners are open to compromise, it shows that your relationship is written in the stars.


When your partner seems to know all your friends, but doesn’t seem to know you, this is a sign that something is wrong. If your partner keeps canceling plans, you might want to take a closer look. This could mean that he or she has a problem with commitment. If your partner avoids your plans, this is another sign that your relationship is in trouble.

Often spending time together is a sign that your relationship is moving towards a committed relationship. Even if you’re committed to each other, relationships can be hard. You might forget to unload the dishwasher or have a family member pass away. When these difficulties occur, be sure to be open about the trials and tribulations. A committed relationship will be a long-term one.



The signs of a supportive relationship include the fact that your partner makes time for you and prioritizes your needs. The two of you don’t fight in the same room, find fault with each other, or have arguments about trivial things. Your partner does all these things for you can feel confident that your relationship is written in the stars. You have mutual respect and appreciation for each other and are both committed to each other’s happiness.

Living in silence

You may think that living in silence is a sign of trouble, but it’s not. Having lulls in conversation is normal in a relationship. Silence helps you understand your partner better and appreciate their own independence. It’s important to recognize that silence is not a sign of a failed relationship. The opposite is also true. Whether or not your partner is in need of some alone time is up to you.

If you find yourself being silent and unresponsive to each other, then you may have an issue with your relationship. If your partner is not responding to you at all, the problem is most likely a control issue. If you find yourself having to justify the silence, it is time to seek counseling. A silenced partner will not be an easy partner. But you should not let your partner know that.

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