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What’s the Biggest Mistakes in Relationships?

This may seem to be a question that doesn’t get asked very often. What is the biggest mistake women make in a relationship with men?┬áThis is a very broad question and I’m happy to say there is no one answer that fits every man and every situation across the board.

Men tend to be an easy to read bunch

What you see is what you get. What motivated one man can very easily motivate another. Therefore comprehending what goes on in the mind of a man is a very admirable endeavor.

It is very easy when you are outside of the relationship to understand where your relationship is going. A big mistake happens when a woman stops trying to understand the man’s behavior. If a man is doing something it shows he is being straight with you.

If he isn’t being straight with you then you’ve got a problem. I’m not saying that if he isn’t being direct with you he has cheating or something of the sort, I’m talking about understanding the basic dynamics behind the relationship.

If a guy wants to see you, he is going to find a way to see you

If he doesn’t find a way to organize it, then he is either Not interested or he is a jerk. Every time I turn around I’m checking to see if my wife or girlfriend is showing common courtesy by calling the man first. If he calls you, then he is interested.

If you two are just going to text instead of talk when you’re hanging out, then he is becoming less interested. Worse case scenario, he isn’t interested. It maybe rare to find a man who will actually tell you the truth, but the more you understand what’s going on, the easier it becomes to deal with ship earthquakes.

Walk away from this disaster before it happens. Infidelity is one of the worst relationship devastations. A good marriage has great everything. It’s full of passion, fun and love. Once that has been lost, everything becomes one dimensional. Walk away. There is no commitment, especially to each other, when there is no commitment to anything else.

When Infidelity walks in, your entire reality begins to change

Your world begins to feel flat and boring. A full blown disaster. I would suggest going out on a few cruises if you can’t maintain your own relationship. They aren’t cheap and they will help with that. They will help with your relationship ding and will give you a chance to breath.

There are a few things you can do and commit to once you have walked away. It’s up to you how you want to play it. What you do need to do at the end of the day is look over what happened. Decide if this is something you can deal with.

You never want to walk away and have to decide later down to save your relationship or not. You also want to have the ability to forgive. You don’t want to live in a world where you are never going to be able to lay your head down and go to sleep at night. You want to have the ability to forgive when things are wrong. I hope these tips help. I would love to hear from guys around the world with different relationships.

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