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Tips for Taking the Best Dating Profile Pics

Dating Profile – If you’re on a dating website, you’ve probably wondered how to take the best profile pictures. Taking pictures that are active will make you appear more human. Taking photos with a colorful background will make you seem more approachable. Leaving photos of your ex-girlfriend off your profile can also make you appear more appealing. Lastly, be sure to use colors that are flattering to your face and body.Tips for Taking the Best Dating Profile Pics

Colors make you appear more approachable

According to one study, some colors make you look more approachable in dating profile pictures. In particular, scarlet can signal receptivity in women and influence male perceptions of a woman’s appeal. This finding may not come as a surprise considering that most women are attracted to women in shades of red or black. But why is scarlet so appealing? And what does it mean for your dating success?

Blue: When it comes to colors that make you more approachable, blue is a good choice. It evokes feelings of stability and strength. People drawn to blue often seem trustworthy and approachable. Besides, blue is a soothing color. Orange, on the other hand, is a complementary color to blue. It is a sophisticated and classy color that can be a good choice for your dating profile.

Black and white photos work best

When choosing a photo for your dating profile, black and white is the way to go. While people like to see colour, men and women tend to respond more to black and white photos. The reason is simple: a black and white photo makes you appear older. It also draws attention to your features. Here are some examples of black and white photos that will attract women. You may also want to try some other photos of yourself.

Another reason black and white photos work best is that they allow the reader to see you clearly. If you can, avoid group photos, which are popular amongst dating profiles. While the first few photos show you alone, others allow potential matches to see you with friends. However, professional photographer Charlie Grosso has warned against including more than four photos, as this may make you look like you’re in a police lineup.

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Body shots

In addition to a headshot or a portrait picture, you should have at least one or two body shots for your dating profile. Body shots can show off your best assets, including your cleavage and colourful clothes. For an enticing image, take pictures of yourself in a place where you feel comfortable. If you want to make an impression, dress in a way that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Although the first picture should be of you alone, you should include a second one of yourself doing something or being yourself. In less than a tenth of a second, your prospective date will subconsciously judge you for attractiveness, trustworthiness, and personality. You should also include an image of yourself doing something fun, such as taking a selfie. However, if you have a lot of friends, you may want to take some pictures with just one of them. A full-body shot will boost your chances of being noticed 203 percent.

On-the-job photos

A LinkedIn profile is a good example of an on-the-job photo that can be used for a dating profile. The emphasis on the person in the photo should be the main focus. Professional portraits are easily recognized as photoshop, while candid shots are more appealing. When looking for potential matches, people will check your LinkedIn profile to see what you’re up to. The more you put focus on the person, the more attractive you’ll become.

Photos of you looking away from the camera

While the best pictures of you look downright unattractive, women respond most positively to men who do not smirk. They also respond better to men who do not show signs of flirtation. If you want to look good in your profile pictures, avoid making flirty eye contact or showing off expensive accessories. Instead, show off your favorite place or a casual, approachable look. This can be a conversation starter.

Moreover, don’t smile too hard or too little. While a photo that focuses on your eyes is a good sign of a genuine and approachable personality, you must not look creepy or primal. Don’t forget to post more than one photo of yourself. Ideally, you should post at least four photos. For instance, if you blink a lot, take a photo of yourself in live photo mode to be able to choose the best frame from many shots.

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